P O W E R   L I N E   S P E C I A L I S T S

TEL. 01555 772572        EMAIL. [email protected]       ADDRESS. ROADMEETINGS, CARLUKE, ML8 4QE

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  • Poles & Timber Blocks

  • Steelwork

  • Bolts & Fittings

  • Insulators

  • Conductor

  • Compression Joints

  • Deadends

  • Helical Fittings

  • Staywire & Stayrods

  • Bogshoes

  • Safety Signs, Anti Climbers etc


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PLPC hold one of the largest and most diverse stocks of overhead power line materials in the UK.  We supply to most UK electricity companies, contractors and private network operators.  Our store at carluke comprises 60,000 sq ft of warehouse and 1.5 acres of storage holding a minimum of 750,000 GBP of stock, for all voltages between LV and 132kV.  Whether it is a few small components for a low voltage repair or a complete package for 300 spans of 33KV, PLPC can supply.


As one of the few contractors to hold significant material stocks, it gives us the flexibility to build projects at short notice, respond to emergencies and supply to other contractors and DNO’s.  Fundamentally PLPC is privately owned, so we can adapt to industry changes quickly and make immediate decisions on policy, procurement and strategy. Flexibility is at the heart of what we do.


Our stores staff are highly experienced and understand both manufacturers part numbers and common descriptions for all parts. Packages of parts can be supplied from a pole schedule or any other format on request.  All materials can be delivered using our own transport or by carriers as required.


PLPC also hold large stocks of components for older specifications and conductors which are now hard to find elsewhere, enabling repairs using the correct materials.  Our stores can be opened at any time to handle emergency supplies and in times of severe storm damage, we have even packaged materials to be collected from our yard by helicopter as underslung loads.






Main Stock Items: